33 Weeks

Friday 9 October 2020

Photos by mum

33 weeks feels like a bit of a blur reflecting back on it, my energy was quite good for half the week and then the second half I just felt like sleeping all day. I can officially say that we are having a baby next month, OMG! Each week I can't believe how much the bump grows, I am so amazed by what my body is doing and how it changes.

I had my antenatal appointment this week and my blood pressure was looking pretty normal again, good to know that resting at home has helped. Each appointment the midwife measures my stomach and it is measuring up perfectly which I was pleased to hear. I had my next anti d shot for my negative blood type and asked a bunch of questions about the pelvic floor exercises I'm doing/want to increase and if I could start drinking raspberry leaf tea and eating dates yet. And of course they checked for her heartbeat which sounded nice and strong. 

My hospital bag is almost packed, I just need a few more small things but am feeling more organised about that. I got to catch up with my bestie and her newborn bub this week too, I got to have a cuddle and she gave me the cutest smiles. 

Max and I have been going on evening walks by the waterfront most days for fresh air and exercise, along with any exercise at home. Whenever we go on walks I feel the baby's foot poking out just under my ribs and when I touch it she pulls it back in - it's pretty cute! Mine be pretty light, mainly focusing on pelvic floor muscles. I've been making sure to nourish my body with good food though I have the occasional treat too, all in moderation. 

Any mail I receive these days is baby related and I'm not gonna lie, I get excited for it!

This week I have mainly felt: exhausted, heart burn, acid reflux, a couple restless sleeps as I try to get into comfortable positions in bed and just lots of baby movement which is always the best. 

 Kayla x


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