34 Weeks

Thursday 15 October 2020

Some snaps from a lovely little catch up with my beautiful friends yesterday and some snaps of my bump at 34 weeks!

We met up at a lovely local cafe and the gelato was sooo yummy, I took some home for Max and I to enjoy too. It was so nice and peaceful there, great for chatting and for the other girls to meet Renee's baby for the first time. It made me so happy that this little bub is starting to remember me, as I held her she started to smile at me straight away, love being Aunty Kayla and it's still surreal to see my best friend with her baby no earth side and what a beautiful mother she has become (though I always knew she would be). I was feeling pretty good this particular day which was great so I was really able to enjoy my time with these gorgeous girls. 

34 weeks has been interesting. I felt relatively normal (but still pretty exhausted for half of it), one morning I made a lovely brunch for Max and I and then instantly brought it all back up. I went to the shops with my mum, she picked me up and I started fainting in the car within 5 minutes (sorry mum) and then a majority of the mornings I try to shake off the nauseous feeling which is usually from the baby kicking/punching and rolling around though I wouldn't want her to stop, I always feel at ease knowing she's still wriggling around inside me. Oh and more hot flushes. By 12pm ish I feel a bit more normal and awake most days and then I can do a bit more around the house, occasionally having a nap too in the afternoon.

This week I have been starting to eat 4-5 medjool dates a day, trying to drink a sufficient amount of red raspberry tea, more pelvic floor exercises - incorporating my gym ball and been continuing going on a 30 minute walk with Max most evenings. 

My hospital bag is almost all packed now too, I just need to add a few toiletries and buy a few more healthy snacks. I'll post my hospital bag list soon as that has been requested on Instagram. 

Kayla x


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