What's in my hospital Bag?!

Saturday 24 October 2020

Aveda products c/o Tao Hair Lounge

It was requested on Instagram that I share my hospital packing list. I am known for being an overpacker but am trying to be as sensible and practical as I can be though reading through this list seems like a lot, it doesn't look like that much once packed. I have referred to the hospital bag list given to me by the midwives at my hospital, read lists online and asked my best friend who had a baby two months ago to make sure I'm on the right track. If you have any recommendations feel free to share.

My stuff, Max and the babies stuff has all been packed in one standard suitcase.


- Two loose nightys (one of them buttons down for breastfeeding/the other is quite loose and easy to slip down.

- An older cotton dressing gown for a cover up

- A few breastfeeding bras

- 3 packs Maternity pads/underwear

- 6x large "granny" undies

- Loose pair of pants

- L loose long sleeve top

- Thongs (flip-flops/sandals)

- Hair ties

- Lip balm

- Aveda small shampoo + conditioner c/o Tao Hair Lounge

- Aveda body oil for massage c/o Tao Hair Lounge

- Aveda hand Cream c/o Tao Hair Lounge

- Tooth brush and toothpaste

- Facewash (not pictured) 

- Moisteriser 

- Soap and soap container (not pictured)

- Deodorant

- Small amount of make-up 

- Make-up wipes

- Paw paw ointment 

- Shower cap

- Hair Serum

- Reusable breast pads

- Going home outfit, I'm packing a comfortable dress


- Another outfit: spare tshirt, short/long sleeve track pants, underwear, possibly another jumper. 

- swim shorts

- thongs (flip-flops/sandals)


- 3 x  newborn onsies (variation of short and long sleeve)

- 3 x 0-3month onsies (variation of short and long sleeve)

-2 x newborn singlets

- 3 x muslin swaddles

- 1 blanket/wrap

- Bonnets, mittens and socks

- A pack of newborn nappies + a few extras

- Nappy cream

- Announcement plaque  

- Car seat already installed in car

My Mum

She will pack something similar to Max, spare outfit and thongs with any other essentials she needs and have them ready to go at her house.


- Phone chargers

- Cameras with chargers (only one photo pictured as I was shooting these photos with my main camera), a few different lenses, spare sd cards, batteries, tripod, extension cord and power board.

- Change for watching tv in hospital

- Bag of snacks e.g. healthy snacks, lollies and some of Max's favourite tea

Things to grab as we head out the door

- Phone chargers

- ID, medicare, purse with some change

- Keys

- Any other essential handbag items

- Antenatal Record

There are some things possibly missing, some may be added or removed but I feel so much more organised at 36 weeks that the bag is pretty much ready to go when our baby decides it's time to make an appearance.

Kayla x


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  4. I loved that dress you are wearing. It is so cute!


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