37 Weeks

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Photos by mum

Swimsuit - Peony Swimwear
Hat - Seed Heritage 
Sunglasses - c/o Specsavers Australia
Haircut/Treatment/Styling - c/o Tao Hair Lounge

37 weeks was when my iron supplements started to kick in after showing results of low iron in my blood test the previous week. I was able to feel more energised and not like I was going to faint or have nausea during the day. This was a feel good week and a surprise as I get to the end of my pregnancy. 

I went for a few swims at the beach, if you have been following me for a while you would probably know that going to the beach is probably one of my most favourite things to do. It's also extra nice when you are pregnant, you feel extra light in the water and it just refreshes the body and mind. 

I always wanted to try this swimwear brand and bought it on a whim really cheap on ebay a few months ago in a couple of sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy bod and I must say I felt pretty glam. The swimsuit is beautiful and comfortable to wear as well. 

There was a sad event this week. Our beautiful family dog of 14 years passed away on Sunday, she was getting quite old and it was just her time. She passed away at mum's in her bed, mum found her upon returning back from work but beforehand knew that it was her final day and let her know that she could go in peace and I think that Fifi needed to know that as she was one of the most loyal dogs. We've all been feeling down with her loss but the good memories of her help to ease the pain. Animals really do become family members so it is never easy to go a loss like this. I think I must have been 16 when we got her and she was my dream dog, I couldn't believe it when I had her in my arms. She will always be my bestie, beach dog and little love, I love you Fifi. Thank you for many years of love, fun and memories.

Yesterday I had my midwife appointment. Like I said above, my iron levels/energy is so much better than a fortnight ago, if I hadn't felt an improvement I would have been advised to have an iron transfusion, which would more so help post partum. But I have been happy with the changes with the advised iron supplements. My belly is measuring up with the week of pregnancy I am in, blood pressure is good (it was a bit low last fortnight) and the baby's heartbeat is nice and strong. So all and all a good visit. I am now onto weekly midwife appointments as I am in the final stages of my pregnancy and could basically go into labour at anytime now, how crazy to be at this point!

I also got to see my bestie Renee and her baby for a couple of hours on Monday which always makes me happy. I love when we can chat in person and then I get to hold her bub and have a hug, I still can't get over how cute she is and the way she smiles at me! She melts my heart and makes me sooo excited to meet my bub!

I was also having a great hair week thanks to some pampering at a local salon I was invited to, Tao Hair Lounge. I'm blogging about my experience very soon but omg they were amazing! 

After a productive week out and about and also around the house I am keen to have a few slower days as I feel a little bit more tired tonight after being extra active this week and the loss of Fifi. 

Kayla x

Rest in peace my angel Fifi xoxo


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