38 Weeks

Thursday 12 November 2020

Photos by Max

38 weeks was pretty good, I can definitely feel her dropping more as she engages for birth and as she gains more weight in these final stages I can feel that too, what a pleasure it is to be at this stage having her grow more each week. 

I have been continuing my 30 minute evening walks with Max each evening which always makes me feel good, every evening I try to do 30 minutes or more of exercises on the gym ball so I have kept that up too but I have also made sure to get plenty of rest around the house. 

I like to think I know my body pretty well and listen to what it needs, whether that be nutrition, exercise or when to take that extra bit of rest, I think that has helped me through the second and third trimester. 

Having a low risk pregnancy allows for a bit of ease but in saying that I have had my rough times, pregnancy is not a walk in the park but after getting out of my rough first trimester I can't complain too much.

Heartburn at bed time still occurs but soon goes away when I have a supplement advised by my midwives, I get an annoying cramp occasionally near my left knee which hurts for a bit and then goes away. I'm not experiencing any back pain which I am thankful for, bub is sitting in a great position which I'm sure is assisting with the lack of back pain. 

Sleep is still good for me (minus one day this week when I couldn't sleep much at all), even when I have to get up to go to the toilet during the night I can still fall back to sleep which is great. Getting as much as I can before the sleepless nights are here.

I have been experiencing light period like cramping this week, just a few days of it and then it went away but will return soon. And I have had Braxton Hicks or finally realised I was having them. They don't hurt but my whole stomach hardens and it feels like a tough shield, it then just goes away. 

Everyday I am being kicked by this little angel and she continues to get stronger, Max thought she was going to kick her way out one night, he could see and feel the strong kicks and was in awe. Although she is so strong the kicks don't hurt, but when she pokes my cervix that can be a bit sore and make me twitch haha. It's great she moves so much everyday, as that is something you do not want to change and become a concern. 

I'm now on weekly midwife appointments as I am very close to my due date. All of my checks were fine, blood pressure is good, baby's heartbeat is healthy, my belly (her growth) is measuring up perfectly with the gestation week and I'm still doing fine taking my iron supplements. I've been happy with my hospital care, all of the midwives I have seen have been really supportive, caring and knowledgeable. 

I wonder how many more of these weekly updates I have left to go before Max and I have her in our arms. Every time I make a little noise or grunt as I move Max looks at me wondering if this is it, is she going into labour now?! Not long until the moment does come and what an experience it will be.

Kayla x


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