39 Weeks

Friday, 20 November 2020

Photos by me

On the home stretch and feeling like she could arrive at any time! 

I have been feeling heavier more so towards the end of this pregnancy as she does her last bit of growing, towards the end of week 39 lower back pain suddenly set in which has made me a bit slower and say ouch whenever I shuffle on the lounge or bed.

Though I have kept up the almost daily evening walks with Max and my gym ball exercises which help keep my back and hips in alignment and in general makes me feel good. 

I had my weekly midwife check up at 38 weeks + 5 days, my blood pressure is good, baby's heart rate is strong and her head is locked into position ready to go when she is ready. The midwife was happy with how I was progressing, though if she doesn't arrive by next appointment I can have a stretch and sweep if I like which can sometimes help with inducing labour, though sometimes it doesn't help at all. If she doesn't arrive by my next appointment I may consider it. The hospital will otherwise induce labour if I get to 40 weeks  + 10 days as they do not want prenancies going further than that as there could be risk for baby and mum. 

Despite the discomfort from lower back pain and constant trip to the toilet during the night I still get plenty of sleep which I will need before I go into labour and baby arrives. So I appreciate that I am still snoozing fine each night and napping during the day. 

It really is just a waiting game now for Max and I as we await her arrival. Max is now on paternity leave so it has been nice to have sometime to spend together as two before we start life as three and we can't wait. It still blows my mind that there is a full size baby inside of my body, though the bump at full term reflects that a little more now! So proud of my body!

Kayla x

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