Tao Hair Lounge Terrigal

Saturday 14 November 2020


I was recently and very kindly invited for a pamper session at local Central Coast hair salon Tao Hair Lounge in Terrigal before the baby arrives. Perfect timing as I really and I mean really needed some hair love.

This hair lounge is located right on the beach (check out the view) and as soon as you arrive there is such a calming, relaxing and very welcoming feeling as soon as you enter the salon. 

Before - looking a bit messy and due for a haircut between being in a pandemic and very pregnant. This gal needed some hair love! Looking back at these photos I didn't realise how much it had grown and that it was a little bit wild looking haha.

Before heading to the basin I was introduced to my stylist Britt who was super sweet and also very very talented. The experience at Tao starts off with a breathing ritual to clear the mind and feel extremely relaxed at the start of your hair appointment. 

Britt had me smell two essential oils and choose which one I preferred, she then had me take deep breaths as she lightly massaged my shoulder and neck area. I felt as light as a feather afterwards and instantly zoned out. I was feeling a bit anxious that morning as I was struggling a bit with my iron levels and feeling a little weak, I felt like my mind was quite centered after this and ready to relax.

In heaven having my hair washed and my scalp massaged, the basin was also really comfortable on my neck and back (which is even more important being 36 weeks pregnant here at the time). I almost fell asleep by the end it was just so good.

I haven't coloured my hair in years and really like my natural colour so we opted for a trim, treatment and blow-dry but if you check out their Instagram you can see some of the amazing colour they do.

This little gal was kicking and dancing the whole visit which kept making me laugh, mumma needed this special relax time!

I had the Shine those Ends treatment applied to my hair, this Aveda shine treatment leaves your hair feeling soft, strong and healthy with a shine that lasts 20 washes. Once the treatment was combed into my hair it only took five minutes to process. I have noticed that my hair is a lot softer and a lot more shiny which has contributed to my natural curls looking nice and fresh.

Refreshments to sip on and stay hydrated are available, one of my favourite T2 iced tea flavours (strawberries and cream) was my drink of choice and kept me feeling fresh. I was having hot flushes at least once a day during this period of pregnancy and a few weeks prior so this kept me hydrated, especially when I started to have my hair blow dried later on.

As someone with curly hair it can be really hard finding someone who can cut curls correctly. When I was a young girl and teenager a lot of hair salons always assumed I hated my curls or that they are annoying but I have always loved having curly hair. It's always refreshing to find a stylist that respects the curls and really knows how to work with them. 

I felt really confident at Tao and was happy for Brit and salon owner Kate to suggest what they thought would be the best way to cut my hair. We opted for a trim - about an inch off, taking a little bit of bulk out and some long layers. 

I haven't had layers or bulk taken out of my hair for years just a simple trim. The reason for that is because I used to out my hair in soft foam rollers each night when I dressed vintage almost everyday and it was challenging to do if I had layers. Now I mainly just embrace my natural curl and it seemed like a good idea to go ahead with this. It was the right choice because over the past couple of weeks as I wear my natural curl they are much more bouncy and I have some ringlets forming again which I love!

A couple of years ago I would have never had my hair blow dried at a salon after a cut as I thought it wasn't necessary but now it is just an extra nice treat and such a nice way to indulge a little bit more. I'm always impressed by stylists like Britt who can work through all of my hair because as we know my hair is very thick, curly and there is a lot of it. It didn't take her long to blow dry and then run a hair straightener through it. So impressive! My hair always looks so much lighter when it has been styled like this which is really cool!

I was feeling sooooo good about myself with the end result. My hair looked and felt so lush, when I swished it around it moved so nicely and was really soft to touch. I felt like a new woman after feeling exhausted this particular week. My hair doesn't get oily and I can usually last a week between washes, I got just over a week out of my hair styled by Tao which you can see a few blog posts back too. I was feeling pretty fabulous all week, even when I was just hanging out at home.

Kate, owner of Tao Hair Lounge kindly gifted me this beautiful hair pack to take with for my hospital stay when I go into labour. A beautiful shampoo and conditioner, a body oil which can be used when I need Max to rub my back during labour and a really great hand cream which I am always in need of because I am prone to really sensitive skin on my hands. This was such a thoughtful gesture, Tao hair Lounge has a great range of Aveda products available for purchase and currently has Christmas gift packs too. 

Photos thanks to my mum (thanks Tao for making her feel very welcome too)!

Hair experience in collaboration with Tao Hair Lounge, all opinions are my own.

Although I was invited to Tao Hair Lounge I always aim to give an honest opinion on anything that is gifted/collaborated on my blog and don't take on any just anything or blog about something if I don't believe in it. 

I feel like the photos do the talking from my enjoyment here on this particular day but also just being an observer as well I was able to see other clients having such a beautiful experience too. All of Tao's clients this particular day looked relaxed, happy, were laughing with their stylists and just really comfortable. Which essentially is how you want to feel when you have your hair done. Oh and to walk out feeling confident!

Tao Hair Lounge is an Aveda salon, the Central Coasts only stockist (hair colouring, hair products and make-up), Aveda products are cruelty free, made from naturally-derived ingredients and have a lot of other positives. Things like this are always important to me, for my personal use/beliefs and when promoting a promoting a product on social media platforms. Salon owner Kate upon first contacting me also advised that all products are pregnancy safe which is also highly important to me as I grow our baby. 

This has hands down been one of my most amazing hair salon experiences, I did not expect to experience whole other level of relaxation and a bit of indulgence like I did here. I felt really recharged and so much better than when I first walked in. 

Thank you so much for to Kate, Britt and the rest of her beautiful team for inviting me for a pamper sesh before bub arrives and making me feel beautiful! Everytime I refresh my hair over the past few weeks I am so happy with the way my curls form and the treatment has left my hair extra shiny and smooth.

If you are a Central Coast local or planning on visiting you must book in with the team, you will not regret it! I was on cloud nine for the whole week and am still loving the results. 

Kayla x


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