Eye Candy Art - Love Birds

Friday 20 November 2020

My mother in law, Nat is an artist of many different mediums though now we now have a piece of her art hanging in our home. 

She has created many works of art in different forms over the years but her latest direction and passion is working with fibre/yarns in the form of wall pieces to hang in the home which is something I have been loving this past year or so as I have a few macrame pieces around the house. 

These days I love a lot of our decor to be quite neutral and boho but I still love a pop of colour, this piece was designed with Max and I along with the soon arrival of our daughter as we enter a new stage in our relationship and lives. 

Words by the artist, Nat:

"After travelling 140,000 kms across 6 states over nearly 4 years, I've returned to be close to my son and daughter-in-law who will become parents any day now...I call them 'The Lovebirds' as birds mate for life...already these two lovers have spent one third of their lives together.
I created this piece slowly, taking time to choose colours and textures that matched our love of life...the egg, of course, representing new life. We are about to embark on a wonderful adventure together, for them as parents, and for me as a grandparent.
The colours and textures from each lovebird blended to form everything this child will ever need...love, respect, honesty, security and so much more."

If you would like to commission a one off piece by Nat you can contact her on Instagram @eyecandy1962 or shoot me an email and I will pass on the message to her.

It's so special to have this piece in our home and watch her creativity flow with these one of pieces!

Thank you for this special piece of art Nat!

Kayla x


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