1940s Dress and a White Picket Fence!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Dress - Trashy Diva
Shoes - I Love Billy
Stockings  - eBay

Last Sunday I went out with Max into town, afterwards we managed to snap some quick photos before going home, despite the weather being slightly overcast they turned out quite nice! As soon as I saw the white picket fence I knew that I needed my blog photos beside it.

As you all probably know I love Trashy Diva dresses and I adore this particular dress so much, it is a perfect 1940s style cute with the most beautiful print. I also have this dress in a different fabric print as well - I hope to blog it eventually. The fabric is soft and luxurious and it is amazing quality (comfortable too - yay)!


  1. What a fantastic dress - I keep looking at Trash Diva pieces and wanting them but haven't got the opportunity yet!! You're making me jealous!! So pretty!

  2. Beautiful dress, and as ever you style it so well! Kx

  3. this dress looks amazing on you! ... i'd wish we had this kind of fences around here ... what a great spot to take pictures!

  4. Love love love your hair and this Trashy Diva dress! <3


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