Sunday Bike Riding Outfit

Monday, 4 April 2016

Yay, I finally have a retro bicycle and there is a good little story to go with it! I wore this outfit on a Sunday about a month ago and I am finally posting it on the blog.

Top - Thrifted
Pants - Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes - Sportsgirl
'Snap Happy' Earrings - c/o Jubly Umph 
Brooch - Vintage
Sunglasses - Asos

I have been wanting a retro bicycle for agesssssssssss but I always like to hold off on big purchases for a while. Lucky I did because on my way to walk the dogs at the waterfront a while ago I spotted a pastel bicycle sitting on a council pick up pile (or junk pile which is what I really call it). I quickly ran over with Fifi to have a closer look and I could not believe my eyes, it was the exact brand and colour bicycle that I was planning on buying. It needed a bit of maintenance but I am pretty practical and like a bit of a DIY task.

It didn't come with the basket so I ordered one as soon as they were back in stock, the front mud guard was missing so I bought a new one to attach to it, I bought new handle grips and then I found this watermelon bike bell at Kmart! This is a Reid Cycle and they were so helpful when I needed to add extras to my order which weren't on the website and double checked that the mudguard would fit my model. Special thanks to my brother who helped me put the basket on and checked and pumped the tires.

The handlebars had quite a lot of rust and after reading a few things on the internet I tried rinsing the rust with soapy water and then I rubbed aluminium foil on the rusty areas, I was amazed at how much better it looked and that it worked. Anyway, I could have just purchased a new bike but I like to fix things up and this was a good opportunity to do just that - I could not leave it to be chucked away and the paint on it is still perfect!

Oh and onto my outfit, I thrifted this top for $2 at a bootsale, I bought the Pinup Girl Clothing pants second hand - they are a size too big but I really wanted the cool cabanana print, I was going to resell them but they have turned out great for bike riding and walking the dogs. I bought my shoes probably six years ago and recently rediscovered them and of course I had to buy this pink helmet for safe bike riding and it looks cute too. I live in an area with lots of hills so this outfit + the shoes proved to be a great success. Also, I posted a little video of the bicycle in action on Instagram (if you didn't see it).

Have a great week!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. Oh wow what a lucky find, you and your brother have done a great job restoring it, really looks like a new retro style bike! Love the outfit too! :)

  2. Can't believe that bike find! How lucky are you?! It's a lovely bike. I'm terrified of riding them (I'm so short that no adult bikes are made for someone like me to dismount from easily), but I still want one when they look this pretty... Love the outfit too - you wouldn't know the pants are the wrong size from a distance, so who cares?! x

  3. very cute and fun and adorable bike! really sweet 60s vibe

  4. What the heck! How did you get so lucky to find such an amazing bike, It's so pretty! A vintage bicycle is definitely on my list, and if I find an older one that needs maintenance I'll probably go with it since I also love fixing up things too! Loving the outfit too, you look gorgeous as always!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you found that bike! It is too cute!! Also I love that vintage brooch!

    Lee -

  6. Incredible find!!! And your outfit matches your bike to perfection! Definitely needed the basket and the bell is just the cutest thing!

  7. I have an old school bike too! Welcome to the club!!! Adorable outfit and perfect brooch! XO

  8. Adorable! I love your bike and you look so cute riding it! That's amazing that you found it just sitting there. It was totally meant to be! <3

  9. It is lovely and looks very comfortable, too!

  10. It is lovely and looks very comfortable, too!

  11. The bike angels were with you that day!! What a superb find, well done you. Your outfit is just perfect, so lovely, and practical too - that's the holy combination surely?? I love that your top was thrifted, I am always keen to see other people's bargains!! xx

  12. Wonderfully charming biking outfit. I like how those strips look like motion lines, it suits an activity like this all the more. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Great find with the bike. Superb fix up. Darling outfit... love how one of the stripes in the pants seems to match paint colour on bike.

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