26 weeks

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Photos by Max

I posted a couple of these photos in my last post but needed to add a short recap of 26 weeks to the blog.

Week 26 has left me feeling more tired from growing a baby, to working and continuing my nesting at home I have felt a little more worn out but not totally wiped out, thank goodness. Though I'm sure that will come eventually. 

Each week the bump grows a bit bigger but I feel like the extra tiredness and having more of a stretching sensation the past couple of weeks so we've probably been going through a bit more of a growth spurt. 

I'm meant to have my glucose test next week, I'm mainly dreading the fasting aspect of it because I always struggle a bit (pregnant or not) when I can't eat. I'll just have to eat a good meal the night before. Hopefully no fainting incidents!  

On the weekend we started preparing the nursery, with the help of my brother and his girlfriend we took down the bed, put it into storage and then put up the cot. The cot is so pretty and I just got even more excited. We still need to put the change table together, I'm looking at what drawers I want for the room and there is plenty to do but we got a lot done with help. 

Yesterday morning she woke me up with really big kicks at 5am, I couldn't get back to sleep so just laid in bed until about 8.30. Max is still working from home, he saw me on the couch looking exhausted and sent me back to bed for some sleep which I was then woken up with more big kicks. Though I felt much more well rested. I don't mind feeling the kicks because they are so special and it makes me happy to feel her movement. 

Well I'm off to get ready for bed, this mumma is tired and has work tomorrow! Max's foot rubs have been helping though!

Kayla x

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