Bumpin' Besties

Monday, 24 August 2020

 Photos by me

Photos from a few weeks ago when I was 24 weeks and Renee 37 weeks pregnant. Over the years Renee and I have always said how amazing would it be if we were both pregnant at the same time one day in the future and now that is a reality - and still kind of surreal really!

It's been nice to watch each others bumps grow, discuss how and what we are feeling. We are both also having girls which is exciting too, we're pretty excited that they will have an instant friend (well, hopefully the girls like each other haha). It's also really great that there won't be much of an age gap as well.

On this particular day I took some maternity photos of Renee since her baby will arrive anytime now and we had to get some special photos of our bumps together to show our girls one day and document this exciting and life changing time in our lives. 

Kayla x


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