DIY Wattle Baubles for Christmas

Saturday, 14 November 2020


A little DIY project before I have the baby and it doesn't take too much effort at all! Wattle and really any Australian flora and fauna makes me happy so I had to make these cute little baubles to hang on the Christmas tree. 

Photos by me

I bought the baubles at Spotlight for $3 on special for a pack of six so I bought four packs to make plenty. I was going to buy the artificial wattle from spotlight but they were out of stock at my local so I ended up buying some at Pillow Talk for $12 each, I bought two lots. I could have bought a nicer thin string to hang them with but just opted for white cotton which blends into our tinsel tree nicely. 

The pictures pretty much show how easy these were to make, you just cut some of the wattle and leaves, position it into one half of the bauble and then close it with the other half and tie some cotton/string so it can be hung on the tree. My mum gave me another aritfical plant to use if I wanted to mix it up and this looked really pretty too. You could literally add anything into these, even a photo. This was quick, fun, simple to do and I love the end result! 

I told Max we needed to get the tree out before I go into labour as I can't imagine wanting to set it up as we settle into life with a newborn. Now I just need to finish decorating the tree before the baby arrives! I bought a bunch of beautiful Australiana theme decorations today and they will all work so well together, I'm so excited about it all coming together!

Kayla x

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