Our Wedding - Part 1 Getting Ready: The Girls

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


It has now been exactly a year since Max and I got married, at this point we had been together for almost 10 years. It was never something we ever wanted to rush into even though we always knew we would always be together but we knew we would always want to get married one day.

Our wedding venue had to be changed 3 days before the wedding due to the devastating bush fires at the time, we were meant to get married on a mountain but changed to a local building near by that had just be renovated. We went through the local council and they were so helpful to arrange this last minute change for us and even gave us a full day to set up the venue free of charge. I was a bit stressed about the change for the day as I had it all planned out in my head but then part of me was like who really cares, we have a new venue and in the end all Max and I wanted was to get married. The venue worked out being better in the end anyway, more on that later...

We have sooo many photos from our wedding and so many favourites so it has been challenging really refining them to blog posts without posting too many. I did have to break up the bride and grooms get ready sessions or you may have been scrolling through this blog post for a long time haha!

I'll start with some of the photos in our get ready gowns and then have a separate post getting into our final looks before having photos taken before leaving for the ceremony. 

All photos above by Schade Images

The morning started by waking up excitedly at around 6am, Renee woke up a few minutes after me so I made us a coffee and then not long after Cassie woke up and joined in to the sleepy morning chit-chat. We all stayed at my mum's house, I love all of her decor and boho vibes so much.

We were making our own bouquets for the wedding so after a breakfast of rye toast with avocado and fresh fruit we got stuck into working on the flower arrangements. Our flowers came from the Sydney Flower Market, Renee's mum knows a florist (who did Renee's wedding) and kindly arranged for the florist to pick up a bunch of Australiana flowers for us. I just mentioned the flowers I liked, colours and the possibility of one big statement flower for my bouquet. 

I don't drink alcohol so we were drinking sparkling apple juice in those wine glasses haha!

I wasn't too specific that it had to be a specific type of flower just whatever was on offer and looked the best. We were so lucky to get such a beautiful selection of flowers and the most amazing King Protea flower for my bridal bouquet. This florist was so kind to lend us some tools to construct them too. We collected them a couple of days before the wedding and come the morning of, the protea has completely opened up and they just looked so lively. It was really fun, calming and quite therapeutic to do this together on the morning of the wedding and I'm so proud of what we achieved! We even had leftovers my clever maid of honour Renee even made a floral piece to hang on the arbor, something I was never too fused about but she really topped off the look and made it extra special (which you'll see in a few blog posts to come).

Mum and I made the get ready dressing gowns about a month or so before the wedding, we spent a couple of days tracing pattern sizes, cutting out fabric and sewing them together. We used Jocelyn Proust Australiana fabric (+ trimming) from Spotlight. I really wanted to sew something for the wedding and this seemed like the perfect opportunity though I couldn't have gotten them done in a short amount of time without my mum (she is amazing at sewing and taught me how to sew many years ago). They were a beautiful keepsake to give to my bridesmaids and to this day I wear my gown every morning. 

My other talented bridesmaid did our make-up for the big day, prior to this we did a couple of practice runs in the months leading up to the wedding. I wanted to have my winged eyeliner and favourite red lipstick but I wanted a real glowy fresh look as well. She nailed it and was so in love with my look, all of my terrible descriptions and links to make-up looks from pinterested and Instagram all made sense to Cassie and she knew exactly what I wanted. We kept it pretty similar for bridesmaids and though a different lip colour and a few other variations. 

Rachel from a local hair salon who is also a friend from school and dance class many years ago did our hair. I was going to see if I wanted to do my hair the morning of the wedding and put my hair into soft rollers but by the time morning came around I just wasn't feeling it. Luckily I had asked Rachel that I may need her to do my hair and not just the bridesmaids and my mum's hair. I had ordered a flower crown and all I really wanted was soft flowy waves and she made my hair look so so good and last the whole day! I'm really into going with the flow these days and just working out on the spot what I wanted for my hair was fun. Renee and Cassie had braids at the crown of their head, soft waves and then the half flower crowns I had ordered pinned into their hair - so beautiful! My mum prepared most of her hair herself but we had Rachel plait a portion of her hair and then add her floral piece. So pretty!

Next I'll post the second part of the girls get ready, wearing our looks for the wedding and portraits before the cermony.

Kayla x 


  1. Congrats! And Happy Anniversary! These photos are so gorgeous and you can really see how happy you are in getting ready for the big moment!


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