36 Weeks

Thursday, 29 October 2020

36 weeks, according to my pregnancy app over the duration of the final stages of my pregnancy baby will be the size of a watermelon and it kinda feels that way. I wore this outfit back at 20 weeks so I thought it would be fun to recreate the look and blog it towards the end of the pregnancy - see blog post here.

When I had my last midwife appointment almost a fortnight ago (next one coming up next week) I had to have another blood test to check my iron levels, a couple of days after that the midwife advised me that my iron levels were quite low. That made sense and explained the extra exhaustion and light headness I had been feeling. I was advised a particular iron supplement and since taking it the past week everyday I can feel a big improvement which is great. I had to have another blood test just so they could look further into my iron stores, I haven't been called about that so hopefully it is looking okay! 

I have been feeling more pressure in my pelvis as bub engages further down and occasionally feel lightening crotch which is sharp pains in the pelvis. I have had little bursts of energy to do some more last minute cleaning and nesting around the house. 

I think since my iron levels have improved she has been crazy active in the womb, I know I say this each week but these are the biggest and strongest movements. Like alien stage of pregnancy where you can see her feet and limbs pushing so far out, I spend hours watching and feeling her move, it is truly amazing!

Max and I are getting sooo excited each week and we keep imagining when we first meet her and what her little face looks like.

I'm still doing my afternoon walks with Max and have continued with my exercise ball/pelvic floor exercises each day. I try to watch a birth video once or twice a day, Max usually watches too. I mainly watch birth vlogs on Youtube, they are really interesting and helpful, often giving a perspective of the birth partner too so it has been good for Max to see too. I'm also working on my breathing techniques, really trying to mentally prepare myself too as I really hope I have control over my mind during the labour as that is what will get me through so I don't lose the plot amongst the pain.

Kayla x

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