31 Weeks

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Photos by mum

Dress - Tigerlily
Hat - Piper
Shoes - Rubi

I'm a bit behind with my updates because I'm actually 33 weeks as I write this today.

31 weeks was the point when I really felt how tough third trimester can begin to feel. The exhaustion just suddenly hit me and to be honest I was not feeling that great the week prior too. 

My job is pretty busy and fast paced, which I love normally but it got a bit tricky when I hit the third trimester of pregnancy. For a couple of weeks I was also experiencing some lightheadedness again which is not fun when you are working and I just felt a little out of it at times. 

One of my last midwife appointments around this time indicated that my blood pressure had gotten quite low which made sense with how I was feeling. This whole pregnancy my blood pressure has been good but I think I was just feeling a little run down. I started getting faint in my antenatal appointment this particular week as well and had to lay down before leaving. 

It was advised if possible to go on maternity leave a bit earlier if possible, Max and I thought that it was probably for the best too so I could just get some more rest whilst also getting myself ready for labour mentally and physically. I'm on leave a month earlier and thankful to be in a position where I do have the option to do so and to also have a supportive workplace too.

I almost didn't snap photos on my camera this particular week but we managed to take a few quick ones near my mums house which I'm glad we did whilst these flowers were in bloom too, we usually take photos in this spot each year. 

Kayla x

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